Greystone Druzy Ring


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This is a stunning grey sparkling druzy ring. Hand hammered brass with two microns of gold hand trimmed onto the ring. This is a hand crafted gallery quality piece of functional art. One of a Kind.

Product Details

Druzy is said to help aid in increasing energy and balancing the body.
 Created naturally over millions of years, Druzy stones are tiny quartz crystals that form when ground water carries natural minerals across an area of rock and rapidly cools.

Each stone is hand selected so I know that only the very best are incorporated into my work. Each piece I create is made from start to finish with a creative and artistic soul in mind. I put my heart into each piece to tell a story…a story of a love affair with art that has transpired into one of a kind jewelry. I want you to feel the love that was put into your piece, a piece that was always meant for just one person, my pieces are meant to speak to you in a sense – call you by name and say “I’m yours.” Embrace the natural beauty of these stones and know they were made just for you.

  • Stone: Druzy
  • Size: Adjustable Shank
  • One of a kind