Blue and Amber Geode NecklaceBlue and Amber Geode Necklace

Blue and Amber Geode Necklace


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This exquisite one of a kind 24k gold plated blue and amber geode necklace is wire wrapped onto hand wrapped baby freshwater pearl chain. It has three offset larger pearls wrapped into the chain to give it that extra special touch.

Product Details

Geodes are seen as useful for grounding and meditation, and are linked to feminine and healing energies. They have been used for centuries by a wide array of cultures to boost moods and balance energy.

Pearl is the “Stone of Sincerity.” Although formed from an oyster, it signifies purity, faith and spiritual guidance.  Pearls enhance loyalty and bring sincerity

Each stone is hand selected so I know that only the very best are incorporated into my work. Each piece I create is made from start to finish with a creative and artistic soul in mind. I put my heart into each piece to tell a story…a story of a love affair with art that has transpired into one of a kind jewelry. I want you to feel the love that was put into your piece, a piece that was always meant for just one person, my pieces are meant to speak to you in a sense – call you by name and say “I’m yours.” Embrace the natural beauty of these stones and know they were made just for you.

  • Stone: Geode
  • Length: 16″ with 2″ extender
  • Chain: hand wire wrapped baby freshwater pearl